Welcome to my world and thanks for stopping by!

This is very much a personal space where I can sing about all the strings on my bow and collate my thoughts.

Professionally I am an aerialist and dancer. I was trained in ballet and other disciplines from a young age, and when, by chance, my teenage bottom made contact with a trapeze bar for the first time… well it was a good thing and my feet have rarely touched the ground since.

Also a stilt walker and fire performer, I enjoy the variety and versatility of my work.

You can see more details by visiting my performance website at www.hayleemai.com

Please feel welcome to contact me for more information and enquiries.

In between the sequins and the stage, I enjoy exploring my love of words and storytelling, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to share some of my work through A Thousand Words, a writers platform presented by Cursor Studios which you can visit here – plus I hope to share some pieces on this site too so watch this space!

 The nature of being a self employed artist in this day and age does mean being adaptable and developing new projects. For example, I am also a life and bodypaint model, and occasionally dabble in visual arts myself – so I hope to be able to share some of these unique experiences here too.


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